Miki Opera Collection

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Required products:    Poser6 , efrontier Miki (vers.1.0)    

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Our Price:   7.70 $


The Miki Opera Collection

Send Your Miki to the Opera!

Especially designed for Miki,but fitting Miki 2.0 too 3elegant but sexy dresses in sequins and velvet
combined with 2 different beautiful collections of jewelry let her be a real
queen at each ball. Mix 'n' match again clothes, materials, poses and jewels
too. A lot of materialshaders give You possibility of endless combination with
only a minimum in using time and runtime space.

The Miki Opera Collection comes up with all content You need to create fantastic
poserscenes in the wellknown simple system for starters and advanced users.
Of course a step by step tutorial and many tips are included the readme.

What You get:

Dynamic Clothes:

3 different elegant dynamic evening gowns

2 Collections of smartproped Jewels:
1 mask
1 dynamic chain with 3 seperatly changable and posable different pendants
3 different pairs of earrings
3 different rings
2 kinds of wristbands
2 kinds of anklebands

The jewels are each available in 2 different colours- Gold with cornelian gem and Silver with Lapiz Lazuli gem.


10 new and different bodyposes for P6 Miki
1 Handpose to hold the mask correctly


16 mats for dress 1, including a "hide-skirt-mat" to make this dress short and sexy
16 mats for dress 2&3
16 matching mats for the mask
16 single fabric materials (sequins and velvet) to mix and match the clothes you want them to
10 jewels/gem materials for mix and match the jewles to the clothes


1 dynamic pyjamas composed of a short babydoll and slinky trousers for the night after the big event
5 matching materialcollections for the babydoll
5 matching materialcollections for the trousers
6 lightsettings
3 camerasettings
1 renderpreset

Please Note:
The pobodyposes created for Miki 1.0 need some small adjustments to fit Miki 2.0.;
Jewels , and clothes still fit Miki 2.0 as well as Miki 1.0

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